Never overlook window treatments, since the right window covering can solve a long list of common concerns and issues. Here are seven easily solved issues:

1. Form & Function

Your first task, is to decide how important function is over form. Even the most challenging window can be made beautiful by installing the right window covering. Today, there is no end to the patterns and textures that can be found to create beautiful window treatments. Generally, most of us will need to focus on function and everyday living first, but don’t forget to punch up the design where and when you can. A perfectly designed room will be both functional and beautiful. Rooms such as kitchens and dining rooms, where privacy is not likely to be an issue, are great places to add decorative, but maybe not as functional window treatments.

2. Fabric Selection

You have two choices when it comes to selecting fabrics for window treatments. First, if you are feeling bold, you can choose a pop of color that will be a stark contrast to the color you have on the wall or furnishings. Put an orange window treatment against a neutral wall for an eye catching design. If you are looking for a more subtle design, select colors that will compliment and coorelate with wall and upholstry colors.

3. Warm It Up

Window treatments will warm a room and eliminate that cold, barren feeling almost instantly. Rich, dark colors or woods will result in a more cozy, warm environment, as opposed to lighter colors.

4. Prvivacy Please

The biggest job of a window treatment is to provide privacy and light control. Almost any window covering that you choose will provide the privacy you need, if installed correctly. For lighting adjustments, consider layering window treatments with light filtering shades/blackout drapes. Several of the window coverings offered on Totally Blind’s website offer built in light filtering/darkening features.

5. Go Green

Window coverings will almost always make your home more efficient. Shutters are especially efficient at keeping heat out during summer months and in during the cold winter nights.

6. Noise Control

Window coverings can also be an excellent way to reduce noise from traffic or other distrubances outside. Consider heavy drapery when designing treatments for windows near a busy street.

7. Illusion 

Window treatments can easily be used to hide or enhance structural features of your space. Wide drapery panels and hanging window treatments higher than the window casing will make your panes look larger than they actually are. This same technique can be used to hide windows that are different heights.

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