Do you want to know how to find the best window coverings right here in Ogden Utah? Roller shades may be better than blinds for your home if you have a great view here in Ogden or surrounding areas of the wasatch mountains! Louvered window coverings have their place, but roller shades are best to preserve a beautiful mountain view. Here in Utah we have some of the most fantastic views of the mountains right out your window. From Brigham City, Salt Lake, Ogden and Provo, the views can be spectacular. Window coverings have come a long way so instead of covering your windows all the time, you may want to consider a roller shade that can be used only when you need privacy or light control. Here are some things to consider when trying to decide if you should break away from the traditional horizontal louver style window covering.

  1. Blinds are hard to clean! Window coverings such as blinds, attract dust and can leave a home feeling dingy or dirty. Dirt and grime do not accumulate on roller shades because they hang vertically.
  2. Blinds are not meant to go up and down in the window for light and privacy control. Blinds are designed to be tilted for light and privacy on a daily basis. Blinds can be lifted, however, the stack of louvers at the top does not look as clean and inviting as a roller shade. Shades are meant to be rolled up on a daily basis and, therefore, preserves your full view through the window!
  3. When blinds are closed, the room is darker. Shades can be light filtering to allow light to come through but still have privacy! Shades can also be installed in bedrooms with a room darkening fabric or, for total blackout, choose side and bottom channels.
  4. Blinds can look dark and dingy and stop the eye from traveling across the room. Shades will open up a space by allowing the eye to travel beyond the window. This creates a light and airy feeling in the room. Instead of just having a window covering for functionality like a blind, if you choose shades, it can be an important design element to add to your home.


Shades make a space feel clean and inviting. The space appears larger when the window is not covered. You can enjoy the amazing view of the wasatch mountains here in Utah! A blind brings the space in, making it appear smaller. There are so many reasons to consider installing shades into your home. Meet with one of our designers to help you find the right fabric and material to fit your needs. Roller shades may be the perfect fit for your home! We serve Ogden, Layton, Bountiful, Salt Lake, Provo and surrounding areas. At Totally Blind, we meet your window covering needs, totally!