Different styles of blinds will likely require a slightly different approach to cleaning. However, there are some general guidelines that can and should be followed, to increase the beauty and overall lifespan of your window covering investment:

1.      VACUUM OFTEN: Use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove dust that accumulates on your window coverings. Vacuum across the slats, NOT up and down.

2.      USE A GOOD DUSTER: Choose a duster that is made of lamb’s wool or another soft fabric, rather than plastic dusters.

3.      ONE WAY: When dusting “vertical” blinds, be sure to only dust/vacuum in a downward motion. Dusting in an upward motion can often unhook vertical blinds.

4.      DRY SPONGE: If you have fabric or vinyl blinds, it may be helpful to use a dry sponge (you can find this at your local hardware store).

5.      SPOT CLEANING: Never spray cleaner directly onto your window coverings. If you must spot clean, make sure that you spray the cleaner onto the rag or sponge and then apply it to your blinds.

6.      WOODEN BLINDS: Wooden blinds are able to handle a little bit of moisture that comes with routine cleaning, but never soak them. Wooden blinds should be cleaned in place, rather than removing them like you would some other styles.

7.      DRY CLEAN: Fabric blinds that have become extremely dirty should be taken to the dry cleaner.

8.      WIVES’ TALE MYTHS: It is NOT a good idea to attempt to clean your blinds by spraying them with a car wash hose, soaking them in the tub or one slat at a time.

9.      METAL AND VINYL BLINDS: Always follow this method-

a.      Take the blinds outside and lay them on a small rug, towel or piece of carpet

b.      Put a few drops of dishwashing liquid into a pail of water.

c.      Using a car washing brush, brush the blinds from side to side and then turn them over and repeat this process with the back side.

d.      Rinse blinds GENTLY with a garden hose. Tilt the blinds so that the water runs off.

e.      To avoid spotting, dry blinds immediately.

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