The other day I was dusting the blinds in my boys’ bedroom, when I saw it. Dum dum duuuuum….. sun damage. Granted, maybe not as scary as some other things I’ve found in their room over the years, but still not good news. I was saddened to see that their once navy blue curtains were navy on the front and then a faded, purple-ish grey color on the back. The culprit of this crime on window coverings? The setting sun. Our home faces west and over the years, we have learned that with the right equipment and the right time of day, we would have a sporting chance at starting a small fire, upon which we would be able to cook a small meal. True story. The west side of the house gets so hot in the evenings, that occassionally, touching the doorknob to the house is an impossibility, unless you are okay with sustaining a mild burn.

Sun pouring through a big, beautiful window during this cold, snowy time of year is usually welcomed with open arms. While natural light provides a boost to your winter mood, it’s important to not overlook the fact that uv rays from the sun can damage your window treatments over time. Here are a few tips to protect your investment:

1. If you happen to be choosing curtains, consider sheer or light colored panels. Both of these options usually reflect more sunlight than their darker counterparts.

2. If darker curtains are your preference, be sure to install blinds, shades or a lining to minimize the actual amount of sun that reaches the darker fabric. These darker hues tend to absorb more sunlight, resulting in faster fading.

3. Consider adding a solar tinting film to your windows. Bear in mind that this approach may reduce the amount of sunlight coming through your windows. Alternatively, clear coverings are available for blocking UV rays, while not affecting the amount of light that enters the room.

4. Think about installing new blinds or shutters from Totally Blind. Many of our products boast the ability to inhibit UV damage to furniture and window coverings from the sun. Not only that, but online ordering is easy and you will appreciate the selection and value that we provide to our customers.