Shades can be a great option for outfitting any window. They have the major benefit of rolling all the way up for an unobstructed view, and offer a huge variety that cater to every possible preference in terms of light filtering and style.  At Totally Blind, we offer the best window shades in Salt Lake Valley as well as Utah and Weber County, and of all the shades out there, we’re particularly excited to talk about honeycomb shades! 

If you are considering shades for your home, do not overlook honeycomb shades! Not only are they unmatched in versatility, they have all sorts of extra benefits unique to their design, and not only that, they can also be customized to your preferred level of light filtering and can also be optimized for child safety. There are a ton of great options packed into one powerful product!

Here are just a few of the things honeycomb shades are great for! 

Tight Spaces
Honeycomb shades do not require a lot of depth to install. The smallest size only requires about ½” of space. A small size can also be a great outside mount option because it will sit close to the window rather than protruding out into the room like a blind or shutter.

Specialty Shapes
Most window coverings on the market are made to fit rectangular windows. Honeycombs can be made to fit arches, trapezoids and sliding glass doors. They offer a unique versatility that will allow you to keep a consistent look and cover all the windows in your home with the same window covering.

Energy Efficiency
Honeycombs were invented for this very reason! The D-cell technology inhibits the flow of cold or warm air through the window and helps to insulate your home. The D-cell structure also has perfect pleats that will not relax or degrade for a very long time. Even in hot, sunny, and humid climates they are remarkably strong, so you won’t need to worry about the heat quickly breaking down the fibers like they did with your last shades.

Child Safety
Honeycomb shades come with several cordless options. The most basic is the bottom-up design. By simply pushing the shade up from the bottom, it can be placed in any position or stacked all the way at the top. A unique function of a honeycomb shade is the ability to bring the top of the shade down. This is perfect when you want to preserve your view of the mountains, but block the neighbors house across the street. For privacy, it is also nice to be able to let the light in from the top of the window but keep the bottom of the shade closed.

There are 3 different opacities to choose from that range from room darkening or blackout to sheer. Your needs and light preferences will determine the best opacity for you. Room darkening is perfect for blocking out all natural light while the shade is drawn, but letting all of the light in when they are up. Room darkening protects your home from 100% of the UV rays. They can also be ordered with a channel to block all the light for sleeping babies. Light filtering or semi opaque is perfect for privacy while letting the natural light in. The light filtering opacity protects from about 90% of the UV rays. In a situation where privacy is not needed but protection from UV rays and furniture is, choose the sheer option. This option is see-through but protects from 49.9% of UV rays.

As a word of warning from your local experts about color customization: With many color options available, it is important to choose one that is neutral. Shades are an investment and it is important to choose a timeless color. As retailers of the best window shades in Salt Lake Valley, we’ll consult with you on color and, while we’ll honor your decisions if you want to go wild with it, we will do our best to talk you down from a color that may affect your ability to remodel or sell your house down the road. 

The Best Window Shades in Salt Lake Valley

While there are several different options when it comes to choosing window coverings, honeycomb is a great option that you should definitely consider. Honeycomb shades are incredibly versatile and can be made to fit all windows in your home, unlike many other designs, and are perfect for meeting whatever heat or cold our beautiful (and sometimes temperamental) desert has to offer. These surprising benefits may be just what you need. Contact one of our knowledgeable designers in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake or Utah county for a free estimate and to learn more about honeycomb shades. We serve the entire Wasatch Front!