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  • This blind is the best value on the market for cordless blinds. The slats are larger than the regular 2” slats providing less light leakage. These blinds also have smart privacy so there are no route holes. The new headrail is sleek and modern so there is no need for an additional valance.
    Please calculate pricing for premium faux wood blinds by entering the width, height range. You can put special instructions, exact dimensions of your windows on the text box below.
    • color Linen Almond Milk
    The breeze line is made from linen fabrics. The shade has a soft and flowing texture while weaving through beautiful textured linen. This type of shade allows a medium amount of light to filter through the shade when they are down. This shade still offers complete privacy as well. The linen shade is a perfect fit for many design styles particularly those that highlight the soft feminine feel of a linen shade. While still offering a clean and simple look, linen weaves in a timeless traditional look as well.
  • Colors: Pewter, Smoke, Egret This brand of light filtering shade has a sleek and modern feel. The material is very structured and light weight. During the daytime, the Brook feels bright as it allows the light to filter through the shade while still maintaining privacy.
  • Colors: Daylight and Creamy The emery line allows the most natural light to filter through the shade. It is also a structured, light-weight material. During the daytime, the emery shade will appear very bright while still maintaining privacy and keeping the temperature regulated. The emery shade will allow most of the daylight to enter a room while cutting down the sharp glare. 
  • Color: Parchment This shade is structured and heavier than a light filtering shade. It has a sleek, simple and modern look. It has a beautiful texture on the front of the shade. This shade is popular because of its nice taupe color. It has a slightly warm gray tone making it the perfect option to match the modern gray style that is popular today.
  • Color: Cream As This fabric is made of 100% polyester and has a white backing to the street side. The fabric is room darkening and provides complete privacy. Plain hem bar is standard at no extra charge. Upgrade to a fabric wrapped hem bar. Comes standard with a beaded chain and Clutch lift system. Upgrade to a SmartRelease clutch, cordless or motorized shade. Upgrade to a square or curved Fascia Valance.
  • Colors: Crystal and Latte This shade is structured and heavier than a light filtering shade. It has a slight gray undertone. It looks great in homes with gray or white walls. It is a nice choice for a room darkening shade. It is light in color so it does not overpower the room but maintains a more gentle presence.
  • Room Darkening Shades Maui

    Color: Maui This shade matches perfectly with the Breeze Almond Milk making this a great room darkening option for bedrooms if the Almond Milk linen shade is used in other spaces of the home. Using this in conjunction with the Breeze Almond Milk will help maintain consistency throughout the home, while still having options of light filtering or room darkening in various spaces. It has a thicker and more structured feel as it is a room darkening shade. It is a light creamy color with wood textures throughout the grain. Although it is a room darkening shade, it lightens up the window with its lighter color.


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