Roller shades are definitely in right now! Here are a couple of key things you need to know to keep with the design and look you are wanting. You can choose a fabric valance, wood valance, metal valance, cassette valance or no valance at all. Each choice offers a unique finishing touch for your home. 

Fabric Valance

Our most popular choice is a fabric valance. The advantage of this valance style is that it has a sleek modern look with the flat fabric design. The fabric also matches the same fabric used on the valance so you don’t have to worry about whites clashing. It gives it a finished look so there is no need to add curtains or other treatments to the window. The roll hides behind the valance and cannot be seen unless you look directly under the window. A fabric valance is a bit more than some of the others depending on the brand of roller shade that you have. 

Wood Valance

A wood valance will also achieve the modern look with the straight sleek lines and a finished look. The difference with this valance is that it may blend in more with the window trim around it. People will choose this valance option if they are wanting the shades to blend in with the existing window casing around the window. It is paintable and could be painted the same color as the trim paint. A wood valance is in the same price range as a fabric valance and can come in more decorative styles or a modern flat wood.

Metal Valance

This type of valance is most often used in an ultra modern style home or to match the black trimmed windows. A black metal valance will accentuate the black trim around the window instead of hide it. I have suggested this type of valance in these applications so the homeowner will not lose the black outline of the window. This can be mixed with all types of fabrics and do not have to match in color as long as the fabric from the shade matches the overall design inspiration of the home and the valance matches the trim on the window. A white metal valance would be used in homes with an ultra modern style with a good mix of metals already in the design plan. This may often be slightly less expensive than a wood or fabric valance depending on the brand.

Cassette Valance

A cassette valance is most often used in windows with a shallow depth or for a more traditional look. A cassette comes with side pieces that will cover the bracket if it sticks out further than the window does. Other valance options could still be used but a return would be needed. If a window had existing casing then a return would not look good in this situation. Cassettes can come in round or square styles so it is more versatile with other design styles.

No Valance

The biggest advantage of this option is that it will generally save you some money. If you are considering no valance for your roller shades keep in mind that it does not give it an overall finished look so you may consider adding drapes to enhance the look. When considering no valance applications, be sure to determine if you like the shade to roll off the front of the shade or the back. A reverse roll is a more popular option in this application because the fabric appears to cascade over the roll and it can be more hidden. No valance looks best when finish trim has been added around the windows because the eye will be drawn to the framing of the window and not the roller shade.

                       Reverse Roll                                    Standard Roll